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Members of the choir often ask how we choose the pieces we perform. The straightforward answer is that it is primarily a decision for Simon Walton, our Musical Director.  He bases his decision on what works he thinks will be suitable for the choir’s resources, the time available for rehearsals, the soloists and orchestral players available and what would make a balanced programme (when we are performing more than one work).

Naturally, Simon always consults the Committee on his choices.  First of all the Committee considers whether we think the choir will enjoy learning and performing the work but we also consider whether it is a piece that we (or another local choir) has performed recently and what size of audience it will attract.

We welcome suggestions from choir members and consider all such ideas.  As a result of member suggestions, in recent times we have performed James Francis Brown’s The Heavens and the Heart in Autumn 2017 and Stanford’s The Revenge in Summer 2018.

Suggestions in person are best made to Simon himself, or to members of the Committee who can pass them on.  We also have a dedicated email address where you can send suggestions, Simon will see and consider all suggestions sent to this address.

If you have any ideas, please let us know.