Our 10th anniversary concert took place on 28 April 2018 with a performance of Handel’s Messiah under the baton of our musical director, Simon Walton.  Our original musical director, John Bradbury was in the audience.

Simon’s feedback to the choir included these kind words: “I thought you sang magnificently last night. All of the things we worked on came off beautifully from some professional sounding runs to very musical dynamics. Several members of the orchestra commented on how good you were, and that is praise indeed. Most importantly, everyone seemed to have a fantastic time. Not only did we get rapturous applause from our impressively sized audience, but one of our fantastic soloists pointed out what a nice crowd we get at our concerts and how great the atmosphere is, generated by you and the audience.”

Archive material about the term


On 28 April 2018, we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary with performance of Handel’s much-loved oratorio, The Messiah with the following soloists:

Elizabeth Weisberg – Soprano

Susanna Spicer – Alto

Peter Harris – Tenor

Alex Ashworth – Bass

Rehearsals started on Wednesday 10 January 2018 but if you have not yet registered you are still very welcome to come and sing with us this term.  You will be able to register at the start of rehearsals for the next few rehearsals. Please bring your subscription (cash or cheque) – £70 for the term plus £8 if you need to buy a score (see below).  If you preregistered before the start of term using our on-line form and are due to pay on-line, please remember to do so.


We will be using the New Novello edition of The Messiah, edited by Watkins Shaw.  This is the same edition which we used last time we did The Messiah. Copies will be available to buy from us for £8 at the first two rehearsals. We will not be providing rental copies.

A full rehearsal schedule is set out below and copies are available at rehearsals.  You will see that we are not singing all the choruses – it is normal to cut sections of The Messiah as performances would otherwise be extremely long.


All Wednesday rehearsals start at 7.30 pm and are held in the New Lecture Theatre and the Music School at University College School – directions can be found here.

Learning tools

If you would like to get ahead with learning, there are excellent learning tools for The Messiah:

Cyberbass – one of the most comprehensive and easiest to use online tools.

www.johnfletchermusic.org  is a very helpful site which has midi and mp3 files for all voice parts for The Messiah. Before using this site, you need to register.

There are also learning videos for each part of The Messiah available on Youtube.

Choraline and Saffron Choral both sell CDs of the different voice parts of major works including The Messiah (though you should note that the Saffron Choral CDs are based on a different edition).  Choraline now allows you to download files from their site.

Spring 2018 Rehearsal Schedule

10 January 20187.00 pmRegistration
10 January 20187.30 pmAnd the Glory of the Lord p.11
Oh thou that tellest p.46
17 January 20187.00 pmRegistration
17 January 20187.30 pmFor unto us a child is born p.55
24 January 20187.30 pmGlory to God p.68
His yoke is easy p.86
31 January 20187.30 pmBehold the Lamb of God p.91
7 February 20187.30 pmSurely he hath borne our griefs p.98;
And with his stripes p.102
Sing through all music to date, if time
14 February 2018NO REHEARSALUCS Half term
21 February 20187.30 pmAll we like sheep have gone astray p.106
28 February 20187.30 pmHe trusted in God p.115
Lift up your heads, O ye gates p.127
7 March 20187.30 pmLet us break their bonds asunder p.161
14 March 20187.30 pmHallelujah p.171
Since by man came death p.186
21 March 20187.30 pmWorthy is the lamb that was slain p.217
Amen p.225
28 March 20187.30 pmFinish Amen
Sing through all music to date, if time
4 April 2018NO REHEARSALUCS Easter Break
11 April 2018NO REHEARSALUCS Easter Break
18 April 20187.30 pmRevision - All
25 April 20187.30 pm - UCS Great HallRevision - All
28 April 2018 (Saturday)2.00 pm - 5.00 pm - UCS Great HallFinal Rehearsal with orchestra and soloists
28 April 2018 7.00 pm - UCS Great HallConcert