Faure Requiem and Poulenc Gloria

The following learning aids are available for these pieces:


www.voiceparts.com has midi files of both the Poulenc and the Faure.

www.johnfletchermusic.org  is a very helpful site which has midi and mp3 files for all voice parts for both the Poulenc and the Faure.  Before using this site you need to register.  The Faure is available under the free registration but the Poulenc requires a paid registration, through it is very small – it costs £4 for 4 months, £6 for 6 months, or £10 for 12 months. These subscriptions give you full access to the site. And once your subscription expires, you can “renew” it to a free one to keep access to all the out-of-copyright pieces, currently numbering 1,751 in total. The free subscription level never expires.

There are also learning videos for each part of the Faure available on Youtube.

Choraline and Saffron Choral, which both sell CDs of the different voice parts of major works, have recordings available of both the Faure and the Poulenc.

There are many fine recordings of both works – Simon says look for ones which take both pieces at a reasonably fast speed. If you use one of the many Youtube recordings, you can slow the speed down if that helps – simply click on the ⚙ symbol.

James Francis Brown – The Heavens and the Heart

James Francis Brown has kindly provided his own learning aids for the Heavens and the Heart, including individual voice parts.  Links to these aids will be made available to signed up singers by email – please look out for regular emails from committee members which will give you the links.

If you download the files and play them in an audio programme such as Windows Media Player, you can slow down the playback speed to help with learning.

Please note that, for copyright reasons, James has asked that the performance files be used by members of the choir only and not distributed more widely.