Our summer concert took place on Saturday 22 June 2019 to a packed house.

Simon writes:

There seemed to be a real buzz after last night’s Bernstein concert. It was lovely for us, and the students, to sing to a packed house.  From all the comments I received afterwards, the audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy the entire event. And what a great programme it was, lots of fantastic and quite diverse music by Bernstein, with some terrific, fun lyrics by Betty Comden, Adolph Green and Stephen Sondheim.

The choir sang these wonderful tunes with gusto and some really good dynamics, which were really tricky in some parts, bringing the music vividly to life. I am hugely grateful to those who volunteered to sing or speak solos, and I am sure I can speak for us all to say how much we also enjoyed the solo contributions from the student soloists, part of our great collaboration with the school.

I gather that some of the choir thought this was a rather tricky programme for us to bring together in the short rehearsal time we have in the summer term. I was never in any doubt that we would pull it together to produce a thoroughly enjoyable evening’s entertainment, and the applause said it all.

A huge amount of thanks goes to everyone for bringing such wonderful food, in addition to the terrific singing, all fantastically coordinated by Irene, to Roger for organising the drinks, and the thousand and one other things he does, and to Nancy and all the other wonderful volunteers she chairs, without whom, of course, none of this would happen.

The people I spoke to about last night who know the Dvorak or Vaughan Williams we are due to sing next term are really excited by singing these fantastic works so I hope you to see you all next term also.

Details of next year’s dates and programmes can be found here.